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4 Day IQEX Exam Prep. Course in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, United States, In-House and Live Webcast

IQEX 4 Day Course 2017 Schedule

The IQEX review course is taught by Leah Donti, AICPA Outstanding Seminar Leader Award Recipient for 2010 to 2017.

  • Live 4 Day Webcast (Saturday & Sunday Aug. 26, 27 & Sept. 9, 10) - 33 Hours

  • Plus Exam Simulation - 4 hours Mock-up Exam

The course is 4 days to provide in-depth coverage of all IQEX content including multiple choice and simulation questions.  Participants appreciate the comprehensive US Tax and US Law coverage.  The IQEX course is done in small groups to permit participant discussion.

The live webcast format addresses the needs of those in different time zones, not able to travel nor free during the week.

CAs will earn 37 hours of PD for their accounting professional license and receive a PD attestation.

4 Day IQEX Exam Review Training Course & Seminar Outline

  • Course IQEX - 500:  IQEX Exam Prep Review Course, Seminar

    • IQEX Ethical and professional and Legal responsibilities (10-20%)

      • IQEX Code of Professional Conduct
      • IQEX Proficiency,independence, and due care
      • IQEX Ethics and responsibilities in tax practice
      • IQEX Licensing and disciplinary systems imposed by the profession and state regulatory bodies
      • IQEX Legal responsibilities and liabilities
    • IQEX Business law (10% - 20%)

      • IQEX Agency
      • IQEX Contracts
      • IQEX Debtor-creditor relationships
      • IQEX Government regulation of business
      • IQEX Uniform commercial code
      • IQEX Real Property, including insurance
    • IQEX Federal Taxation of Property Transactions (12-22%)

      • IQEX Related party
      • IQEX Gifts
      • IQEX Character of gains and losses, netting
    • IQEX Federal Taxation of Individuals (15-25%)

      • IQEX Gross income
      • IQEX Adjustments and Deductions to Arrive at Taxable Income
      • IQEX Passive Activity Losses
      • IQEX Loss Limitations
      • IQEX Taxation of Retirement Plan Benefits
      • IQEX Filing Status and Exemptions
      • IQEX Tax Computations and Credits
      • IQEX Alternative Minimum Tax
    • IQEX Federal Taxation of Entities (28-38%)

      • IQEX C Corp
      • IQEX S Corp
      • IQEX Partnerships
      • IQEX Trusts & Estates
      • IQEX Tax Exempt Entities
      • IQEX Federal Tax Legislative Process
      • IQEX Federal Tax Procedures
      • IQEX Accounting periods & methods
      • IQEX Tax planning
    • IQEX Integrated Simulations

Over the last 16 years, we have helped thousands of Canadian CAs, Irish CAs, New Zealand CAs, Mexican CPAs, Australian CPAs and Hong Kong CPAs pass the IQEX exam.

The purpose of IQEX (International Uniform Certified Public Accountant Qualification Examination) is to facilitate the US CPA qualification process for those accounting professionals from other countries whose professional bodies have entered into reciprocity agreements with the US accounting profession.  The examination takes place over 4 hours and consists of multiple choice questions and simulations prepared by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The exam is offered only in English and is administered as a Computer Based Test (CBT).